Monthly Showcase: Umarex Zombie Hunter Airsoft Blaster AEG Rifle

Umarex Zombie Hunter Airsoft Blaster AEG Rifle

Who doesn’t love zombies? WE DON”T!! And we intend to do everything we can to rid the world of these smelly little buggers. We would love to introduce the Umarex Zombie Hunter Airsoft AEG rifle. With it’s neon green and black  shell, you are sure to capture the attention of every sloth like zombie around. Once you pull their attention you can give them 200 rounds of 6 millimeter love instead of your somewhat spicy but tasty brain. With it’s AEG design you can can kill zombies all day long before retreating back to the local mall for a recharge. With a built-in Quad Weaver/Picatinny rail you can attach accessories such as a flashlight for shooting at night.

M16 or SKS: Which gun makes the best zombie killer

The world is all in a rage over the impending zombie apocalypse. Weeks ago we unleashed the Birchwood Casey zombie targets to rave reviews by our customers. We all know that plinking targets of your favorite zombie characters is a great way to pass the weekend but if the zombies do show up at your back door step, you will be in need of serious fire power if you are to make it to the mall (never go to the mall!)

Our brothers in arms at Red Jacket (hosts of the show “Sons of Guns” have developed two rifles designed to help you stay alive during the zombie apocalypse. Take a few minutes and check out the trailer for the Zombie episode aired on the Discovery Channel

Get the most of your sight

Proper sighting is very important for accuracy.

Most people interested in just about any hobby wants the latest, greatest and highest quality equipment so they can get the most out of his or her hobby. This is especially true for plinkers and tactical enthusiasts. For this reason, accessories such as optic sights are extremely popular pieces of equipment. Many weapons have built-in optical sights but if yours doesn’t, its a good bet that you can get an optional sight and mount it yourself.

A sight is only as good as it’s accuracy. Fortunately, even modestly priced optical sights offer excellent sighting capabilities but it’s very important to take the time to set your sight properly if you want to get the most out of your investment.

As an example, this exerpt was taken from How to Sight-In a Hunting Rifle By  Chuck Hawks:

“Start at the 25 yard position. Put up a large paper target. I usually use an NRA 100 yard small bore rifle target, which has a large black bulls-eye. Get really comfortable on the shooting bench, so that none of your muscles are cramped or in tension. Bring a pillow or a folded-up blanket to sit on (as required) to get your head and shoulders at a comfortable height at the bench rest.”

You can also take a lot of great tips directly from the manufacturer of your weapon. For example, one of your best selling brands; Daisy offers their customers a comprehensive guide to sighting in a scope on their website. A quick search of the website for your manufacturer will likely yield similar steps.

If you are a weekend plinker or you target practice regularly, you need to have an accurately sighted scope. otherwise you risk erratic shot patterns that could cost you big in any type of shooting competition.

The zombie apocalypse is upon us!

Zombies are not your friend!

They are all the rage! Whether you enjoy the slow trudge of a George A. Romero zombie from Down of the Dead or you prerfer the super speed zombies from 28 Days Later, you are sure to love honing your airsoft shooting skills with these new zombie themed targets. These are not cheap paper targets. These targets leave a halo around each shot so you can quickly identify your kill shot.

As you prepare for the “real deal” that looms around the corner, Just remember, once you kill your zombies do not take refuge at your local mall. It never turns out to be a safe haven.