Safety Equipment

Protect your gear!

Cometa Indian Pistol Case

During those hot summer days you may not realize how important protecting your investment is. However, you can quickly see how the mud snow and grime deteriorates your air gun during the winter months. Of course there is little you can do to protect your weapon when you are in the trenches but before and after the day’s events, you can easily protect your gear with a protective hardshell or soft gun case.

Many of the cases that you can purchase from Airgun Warehouse are form fitting cases that snugly fit your weapon. If you cannot locate a form fitting case, you can find a universal case that will be more than adequate protection. A clean gun will outperform a dirty gun every day.

Keep your Airsoft gun clean

Always keep your weapon clean

It’s true that Airsoft guns do not create the same level of corrosive buildup in the barrel as their rimfire counterparts but keeping your weapon clean is a vital part of gun ownership. C02 cartridges have a small amount of oil in them that can eventually gum up the inside of the barrel and reduce the efficiency and accuracy of your gun.

Teaching a younger enthusiast to properly and safely clean an Airsoft gun gets him ready to take care of a traditional rimfire weapon. You should treat a BB gun, Airsoft gun or paintball gun just as you would treat a rimfire gun because all weapons that shoot a projectile can become very dangerous of handled improperly, especially during the cleaning process. Airgun Warehouse has all of your airgun cleaning needs taken care of. A few minutes out of your day will go a long way with extending the life of your Airsoft weapon.

It’s official…burrrr!

It’s official, fall has arrived and if you happen to live on the East coast, it’s already getting cooler. The record low snowfall of last year might be a distant memory to most of the country by the new year so it’s time to get your winter gear on and hit the snowy woods for some tactical fun!

Along with Airsoft, many choose to paint the fresh snow a wide array of colors by going to war with paintball guns. Paintball guns are a great way to have fun with your tactical exercises. When your day is done will you be one of the lucky ones who escape without any paint smears on your tactical vest?

What could be better than defending your snow fortress from invaders focused on taking what belongs to you? If you have plans on defending the wilderness throughout the winter, make sure you keep yourself warm and safe

Keeping it fun and safe

Always protect yourself

Tactical exercises and sporting events are on the rise across the nation. A tactical exercise mimics “real life” combat situations. During one of these exercises, you can be a solo agent on your own or you can work within a team. When playing such games, its important to work on your cohesiveness so you can fight as a well oiled machine. After all, you are in the field acting as though you are a special ops Marine or Navy Seal so it’s vital to succeed in your planned mission.

Some groups; usually consisting of a bunch of buddies playing weekend warrior are loosely regulated and require very little skill to have a good time. With the right protective gear, you can fight and brag about your conquests over a few beers at the end of the day. However, some organized groups will not kindly accept renegade warriors on their tactical practice fields. A rouge operation could quikcly find your group banned from the premises.

It’s always important, if your team plans to be a serious contender in the world of Airsoft tactical to be well trained in your craft. There are many places online where you can gather information on how to train an Airsoft team. This Wikihow article does a great job of offering a jumping off point for any group looking to make a serious impact. Have fun and remember, always keep it safe!