Monthly Showcase

Monthly Showcase:Cometa Lynx V10 PCP Air Rifle

If you are looking for that last minute “wow” gift or you simply want to teat yourself to an early present this year, look no further than the Cometa Lynx V10 PCP Air Rifle. We offer this weapon in multiple colors such as black, blue and brown. We also offer it in different calibers, such as .177 and .22.

If you’re frustrated with air rifles that have nothing but power, then try the Cometa Lynx V10 Air Rifle. It’s got power and knows how to put pellet after pellet in the 10-ring.With the huge air tank on your Lynx V10 PCP rifle, you’ll get lots of shots before needing a refill. Add to that the 13rd mag that gives you fast follow-up shots, and you’re good to go for a full day of hunting, shooting spinners and more.

Check out this quick review we located online. It describes the features of this excellent gun.

Monthly Showcase: 2011 AirForce Talon SS PCP Air Rifle

Are you the type of person who likes to stand out in a crowd? Do you like flashy weaponry that makes everyone “ooh” and “Aww?” If you like to bling it up on the plinking field but you also want unlimited versatility, check out the 2011 AirForce Talon SS PCP Air Rifle. At a price listed under $500.00 you can obtain this excellent weapon!

The Talon has a max velocity of 1000 fps! That is absolutely ridiculous power from a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. The rifle boasts an easy-to-use power-adjust wheel that takes your rifle from a minimum of 400 fps to a maximum of 1000 fps. If you’re plinking you can simply dial it down. If you are hunting simply dial it up and get that kill shot!

You can fill the removable 490cc air tank, which is DOT-certified  with a hand pump, scuba tank or electric compressor to 3000 psi for lots of shots without a refill. This isa great amount of air for a day out!

Monthly Showcase: Crosman T4 OPTS

This pistol has everything you could want in a weapon!

Are you looking for a modern era air pistol capable of shooting a 0.144-inch projectile at a speed of 450 feet-per-second? Do you want that pistol to boast a tactical black shell? Do you want a built-in Red Dot scope along with a built-in spot light for those hard to see locations? Do you want to spend far less than $200.00?

Well, Airgun Warehouse has the weapon for you! The Crosman T4 Opts has all of the above requirements along with a hard shell carrying case for when the festivities are over. At a meager price of $179.99 you have plenty of cahs left over to pick up a few extra boxes of amunition or even several replacement Co2 cartridges to keep you in the game longer.

This is an excellent weapon for anyone interested in being a weekend warrior or even for those simply interested in plinking a few targets to wind down after a hard day at work.

Monthly Showcase- Daisy Pink 1998 BB Gun

The perfect starter for the woman in your life

In this month’s showcase, we have the Daisy Pink 1998 BB gun capable of holding 650 BBs at one time. It shoots at a speed of 350 feet per second, which makes it the perfect plinker for the female in your family just getting into Airsoft and BB gun sports. Priced economically to sell, this gun has a pink and black paint scheme that not only screams “feminine” it also screams, “Get Out Of My Way Buddy.”

Shooting is not just a man’s sport. If you think it is, just ask Julie Golkoski. She is the world’s most successful shooter. Just like your daughter, wife or girlfriend, Julie started her love for shooting as a hobby. With a ton of practice and skill, she turned it into a full time career. Starting with a lever action BB gun like the Daisy Pink 1998 BB gun is a great jumping off point for a timeless tradition that you ca share as a complete family.