BB Guns

Monthly Showcase: CROSMAN 357W

For this month’s Showcase, we have selected the Crosman 357W revolver and we have decided to let Hobby Jon provide the review for us! After all, he has an emotional attachment to this Crosman!

Stoeger Arms X50 Camo Breakbarrel Air Rifle in Action

We would like to thank Jesse Shinn for posting this excellent video of the Stoeger Arms X50 Camo Breakbarrel Air Rifle in action. As you can see, this rifle has all the features necessary to plink a can at around 50 yards easily. We also love you finfty plinking sandles too Mr. Shinn!

Walther CP99 Compact


On Sale now, just in time for Christmas! At just $69.99, the Walther CP99 Compact pistol is an excellent side arm for anyone trying to complete their tactical attire. Walther has been a leader in the rimfire handgun industry for decades but recently, the company has risen to the top of the Airsoft industry by releasing accurate reproductions of their legendary weapons. The Walther CP99 utilizes a .0177″ pellet capable of reaching speeds of 345 feet per second. This semi-automatic blowback style pistol boasts a 17 round clip and ergonomic grip design to eliminate fatigue on your hand. Hurry up and order before this great sale ends!

Daisy 1938 Red Ryder Fun Kit

We have all seen “A Christmas Story” which comically chronicled a young boys quest to obtain a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. The Daisy 1938 Red Ryder Fun kit is the perfect kit for the youngster in your life who wants nothing but to protect his family from bumbling burglars invading the backyard. The Red Ryder BB gun is perfect for plinking, target shooting or for training younger shooters. With a capacity of 650 BBs, you will have hours of fun teaching your child how to shoot.

Daisy is the King!

If you are into BB guns, surely Daisy has a special place in your heart and your gun collection. After all, Daisy was the company that brought the Red Ryder BB gun to children everywhere. In fact, without Daisy, we might not have experienced the movie, “A Christmas Story.”

For those of us who are still in love with Daisy, check out the Daisy King website. They have a listing of several popular Daisy gatherings and shows around the country, throughout the year. Many of these dates are must attends for every Daisy enthusiast!