We love user reviews of airguns that we sell on our site. This is a review of the IZH MP-61.

Crosman Vigilante CO2 Revolver

Everyone knows that you can use plastic pellet air guns for skirmishes and for plinking. You can use BB guns for plinking and for small game hunting. What other creative uses do you use your airguns for. For an example, do you buy replica guns and display them as though you have an extensive military collection. Do you use them for accurate reenactments of historic battles such as those that took place during WWII. We are interested in hearing details of your legal and ethical airgun excursions that fall outside of the norm.

MTM Case-Gard Handgun Carry Case

MTM Case-Gard Handgun Carry Case

In the eyes of the law, most states regulate air pistols as if they were rimfire pistols. After all, in an emergency situation, law enforcement can have a difficult time telling a rimfire and air pistol apart. For this reason, it’s important to practice safety and commonsense when using air pistols. For example, all states have laws that tell a gun owner how they can transport a pistol. When moving a pistol from one location to the next in a car, most states require the ammunition to be in a separate location than the pistol itself. For example, pistol in the trunk and ammo in the glove box. However, if you have everything in a locked box in the trunk, you are typically okay. The MTM Case-Guard Handgun Carry Case is an excellent way to transport your air pistols and ammunition. It’s a lockable case that increases safety for you and also helps increase security if you secure the case to the floor of your trunk. It makes it harder for a would-be thief to take off with your weapons.

Make Your Own Airsoft Targets

One of the great thing about many gun enthusiasts is the fact that they tend to be crafty. If you happen to be a crafty person and you want to take on the small challenge of making your own airsoft targets, then check out this Youtube video posted by CAMOAirsoftTeam. It gives you step by step instructions on how to make a drop target suitable for use with your airsoft weapon. They are also nice enough to supply you with a simple materials list to get things started.

We love ingenuity- building Airsoft cannons

At Airgun Warehouse we love to see people think outside the box. Genuine Airsoft cannons are far and few between so when a couple of guys get together and figure out a way to make on on their own, we stand up and salute their American ingenuity. STARTAirsoft780, a Youtube user posted the below video claiming they built an Airsoft cannon for around $20.00. As always, even Airsoft can become dangerous especially when building your own equipment. We never want anyone to get hurt. It’s important to understand that these guys have understanding on how compressed air works and they followed precautions to make sure everyone was safe. If you do not have the aptitude to do this, leave it up to someone who does.