Airsoft for beginners

Whenever a person embarks on a new hobby it can often become very frustrating when you realize it’s not as easy as others make it look. Having a personal guide help you learn the basics is always a great way to smooth the transition from a novice to an experienced user. At Airgun Warehouse, we love to see youngsters getting into the sport of Airsoft. So when we come across an enthusiastic youth that has a great level of knowledge and experience we feel it goes a long way in getting other young people interested in the sport. Recently we came across Raptor 2837, a Youtube user that has been putting up beginner tutorials for Airsoft newbies. We posted the first video in his Youtube series. You can subscribe to his channel here.

Umarex T.A.C. Converter

Umarex T.A.C. Converter,

If you own a HK USP, S&W MP40 BB gun, Umarex XBG BB gun, Combat Zone Enforcer Airsoft gun or Walther P99 DAO Airsoft gun you can quickly convert your weapon to a rifle with the Umarex T.A.C. Converter system. It comes complete with 4 adapters, folding grip and stock. Not only does thing give new life to your pistol, it gives you more control over your gun and provides mounting locations for accessories such as laser sights and flashlights. For a very small amount of money you can totally transform your pistol!

Monthly Showcase:G&G GR4 100Y AEG Blowback Airsoft Gun

This month we bring you the G&G GR4 100Y AEG Blowback Airsoft gun. This powerhouse packs a majpor punch for the money! With 12 to 15 rounds per second in full automatic mode, you can quickly clear the field with this battery operated weapon! We thought we’d let this user review do all of the talking for us this month! Enjoy!

Review: Gameface GF76 AEG Airsoft Rifle

At Airgun Warehouse, we love when we come across a view that not only reviews a product we proudly sell, such a the Gameface GF76 AEG Airsoft Rifle but that also shows enthusiastic youths and their parents enjoying the sport of Airsoft. In this short viewo review, you will see a young man and his father both eagerly waiting to shoot their new Airsoft gun!

The rifle features full and semi-automatic action. It also boasts  a high capacity magazine with an adjustable hop-up system that’s ideal for airsoft tactical exercises. You get it with a rechargeable NiMH battery a UL charger and a retractable/fold-under stock. It also has tri-rail mounting system and generates muzzle velocities of up to 375 fps. Oh, did we also tell you that this is a full metal weapon!

Walther LGV Competition Ultra Air Rifle

If you want a serious contender against traditional rimfire rifles check out the Walther LGV Competition Ultra Air Rifle. This air-powered .22 caliber rifle is suitable for small game hunting as well as competition shooting. Si and Davey of Varmint Hunter TV posted a 20 minute review of this rifle for your viewing pleasure. Check out the video and then place your order through Airgun Warehouse! The rifle boasts a spring piston, breakbarrel, single-shot fixed TruGlo fiber optic front sight, fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight and vibration-reduction technology.