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Cosplay and Airsoft Guns?

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If you watch any television you know that reality tv is about the only programming you can find. Over the years we’ve seen just about everything. Well now we’ve hitched our flag to a sub culture called Cosplay. This is short for costume play. In a sense it could be thought of as similar to WWII or even Civil War reenactments except these folks don’t simply stick to war related themes. Anything you can dress up as, Cosplay people will do it.

Why does this topic belong on an airgun blog? Well, these Cosplay folks host conventions and several other types of events and if you are into military reenactments, you might want to round up your most authentic looking costume, grab your airsoft rifle and head down to your local Cosplay convention…presuming your local authorities allow you to take airsoft out into public without getting into trouble.

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The two most common caliber sizes for BB guns are .177 and .22. At airgun Warehouse, we carry one of the largest selection of these two calibers. For example, you can get a 500 count of Beeman .177 caliber pellets for under $5.00. We offer packages ranging from small 150 count to counts exceeding 1,000 pellets. We also offer a 500 count of Benjamin Discovery .22 caliber pellets for under $5.00 as well. Like their .177 counterparts, you can get them in a wide range of count sizes to fit all of your needs.

We also carry one of the web’s largest selection of plastic airsoft pellets in sizes ranging from 6 mm on up. If you need it, we have it! A great time to buy is when you purchase a new gun. This helps you save on the cost of shipping and reduces the cost per pellet.

Improve Your Shot With These Tips

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The Airsoft Factory is a facility in Bridgewater NJ where you can attend skirmishes and just have a good time enjoying the sport of airsoft. We love places like this because they give people a safe outlet to have fun. We really love places like Airsoft Factory because they are clearly out to help you. On a search to find a great article about sighting airsoft guns I came across this website. For anyone struggling to find accuracy with your pistol or rifle you can use the article by Airsoft Factory to help yourself out.

We also located a second article posted on Yahoo by Matthew Ewalt. It gives several additional pointers on improving the accuracy of your airsoft weapon. With these two articles in hand, you will surely improve your shot.

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Buying from the Internet poses several risks that bother many people. Can you trust the site? Can I use my credit card safely? What if I don’t like the product, what can I do about it? Well, Airgun Warehouse has almost 10 years web experience and has a great reputation in the business so we feel that you can easily trust our customer service and knowledge. We also use McAfee Secure, which tests our site daily for viruses and we are 128-bit encrypted to ensure your credit card information is secure. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee in the event you are not happy with a product. This means that you can purchase an item sight unseen and return it to us if you are not happy with it. All you need to do is contact us within 30 days and we will give you a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number and you can send the product back.

Happy Independence Day

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Today is a day where we as Americans celebrate the birth of our nation: the best nation on Earth. We may live in a country of great divide politically but on this day it’s about brotherhood of Americans and setting aside our differences. It’s about our independence from oppressive rulers and it’s about the countless men and women that died to obtain an sustain this freedom. We at airgun Warehouse would like to take this time to wish every American a happy and safe independence day.