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We are interested

As always, we at Airgun Warehouse are interested in what our customers want to see on our site. We value feedback and work hard to implement changes that will make our customer’s experience the best on the Internet.  If you choose, let us know via this blog what brands and/or products you’d love to see airgun Warehouse offer. For exmaple, did you see a one ton Airsot cannon for sale at a trade show and you’d love to get your hands on it?

You never know, you just might be responsible for helping us provide the country with the next undiscovered brand! If you would like to help out, just reply to this blog post with your suggestions and we will see what we can do to help out

Help Tornado Victims if You Can

In today’s world, it is common to have friends and family located all over the country. This means, when a disasters strike, such as the tornados in Oklahoma it’s important to reach out whenever you can. Here at Airgun Warehouse, we always want to support our friends, family and customers whenever hardships strike. The American Red Cross has been at the forefront aid after every disaster in recent history. If you want to help, you can always donate to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts.

D-Day Carentan WWII

There are many ways to enhance Airsoft war games. These folks from the U.K have decided to use local ruins to reenact battles from WWII. As you will see by watching the battle via this Youtube video, these guys have several unique Airsoft weapons such as mortar launchers. This is just one exmple of people being creative with Airsoft weapons. This type of excursion could take a few hours up to a few days depending on how accurate the reenactment is. Enjoy!

Take care of your weapon and it will take care of you

One thing that Airsoft gun owners often overlook is routine cleaning. Although the specific process for cleaning your Airsoft gun may differ slightly, the below video is a great example of the general process of cleaning and maintaining your weapon. If you clean your gun routinely, you minimize the risk of mechanism failures and misfires.

New payment options with Airgun Warehouse

Airgun Warehouse and PayPal have teamed up to offer the ability to get more and pay later! With “Bill Me Later” you can take up to six month to pay for your Airgun Warehouse purchase without incurring any interest charges. This means you can shop for all your springtime and summertime airgun, BB gun and accessory needs and not have to worry about paying until this fall! What are you waiting for, check out our New Products page and get to shopping!