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Clear Airsoft pistols and rifles

Aftermath Mini Steyr Mini Submachine Gun

Every state within the United States requires clear identifiers that separate Airsoft weapons from their rimfire counterparts. As real as we want our Airsoft guns to look, it is important that anyone in law enforcement know the difference: for their safety and for yours. For this reason, All legal Airsoft weapons have an orange tipped barrel. If you re a parent, safety is always a determining factor in everything you let your child do.

Many Airsoft gun manufacturers go out of their way to make their weapons look authentic to the originals. If this is a turn-off for you it is important to know that you have alternatives. A good alternative to authentic replicas are clear Airsoft guns. These Airsoft guns are made from see-through plastic that easily identifies them apart from real guns. This minimizes the risk of law enforcement thinking the weapon presents a danger. For most children and teens, this is a great way to get them involved in the sport while maintaining safety. At Airgun Warehouse, we carry a full line of clear Airsoft guns.