Do you secure your weapon?

Bulldog Standard Digital Pistol Vault

Every gun that actually shoots should be treated a weapon. This includes airsoft as well as BB guns. This means that you should always take care of your gun as though it could pose a threat to untrained users. Just as you would lock a rimfire weapon in a gun vault, locking your airsoft or BB gun in a vault keeps everyone that may come in contact with it safe.

Many people are litigation happy and a child with a BB stuck in his foot is a lawsuit for sure. Therefore, not only does a vault protect innocent people, it protects you as well.

Gear Bags: The Easy Way To Carry

Aftermath SOCOM Zip Bag

As collectors of airgun and BB gun weaponry, we often amass a large collection of gear. Most of which, we feel compelled to carry with us on every outing. Often our trunks look like we are ready to move forward with an arms trade for hostages! If you are plagued by the dilemma of what airgun you should take to the range, pick up a gear bag from Airgun Warehouse and take everything! We offer several different types of bags ranging from large duffle style to tactical style that will surely fit everyone’s needs. Given the relatively low price of our gear bags, they are a must have item to keep all of your items stored together for easy transport.

Can You Shoot Down A Fly?

Air Venturi Fly Shooter

Okay, air powered guns are great and there are some amazing shooters out there but it is a pretty safe bet that most people could not shoot a fly out of the sky. However, all of that has now changed! Yes, Airgun Warehouse is always looking for unique items to sell that make our customer’s happier. That’s why we sell the Fly Shooter. This weapon is deadly to all species of flies that stray within one foot of your proximity. Simply aim and shoot and that pesky fly is no more! Next time you place an order for an air rifle or air pistol, double up on your order and add this gun to your shopping cart. It’s sure to rack up your kill count!

Make Your Own Airsoft Targets

One of the great thing about many gun enthusiasts is the fact that they tend to be crafty. If you happen to be a crafty person and you want to take on the small challenge of making your own airsoft targets, then check out this Youtube video posted by CAMOAirsoftTeam. It gives you step by step instructions on how to make a drop target suitable for use with your airsoft weapon. They are also nice enough to supply you with a simple materials list to get things started.

Increase Your Accuracy With a Bi-Pod

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, SWAT/Combat Profile, Telescoping & Folding Legs

At Airgun Warehouse we take the time to think out every detail that could help you improve your game. When it comes to discussions of accuracy, a bi-pod is an excellent way to improve your target hitting. A bi-pod has two legs and a mount that connects to your rifle. The bi-pod helps to keep your rifle still and balanced while you shoot. This is excellent when you are sighting in your gun or adjusting a new scope. It also works well at clubs where you can utilize bi-pods during competitions. Many of the bi-pods that we keep in stock are universal and will work with just about any airsoft rifle.