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Keeping it fun and safe

Always protect yourself

Tactical exercises and sporting events are on the rise across the nation. A tactical exercise mimics “real life” combat situations. During one of these exercises, you can be a solo agent on your own or you can work within a team. When playing such games, its important to work on your cohesiveness so you can fight as a well oiled machine. After all, you are in the field acting as though you are a special ops Marine or Navy Seal so it’s vital to succeed in your planned mission.

Some groups; usually consisting of a bunch of buddies playing weekend warrior are loosely regulated and require very little skill to have a good time. With the right protective gear, you can fight and brag about your conquests over a few beers at the end of the day. However, some organized groups will not kindly accept renegade warriors on their tactical practice fields. A rouge operation could quikcly find your group banned from the premises.

It’s always important, if your team plans to be a serious contender in the world of Airsoft tactical to be well trained in your craft. There are many places online where you can gather information on how to train an Airsoft team. This Wikihow article does a great job of offering a jumping off point for any group looking to make a serious impact. Have fun and remember, always keep it safe!

Monthly Showcase- Daisy Pink 1998 BB Gun

The perfect starter for the woman in your life

In this month’s showcase, we have the Daisy Pink 1998 BB gun capable of holding 650 BBs at one time. It shoots at a speed of 350 feet per second, which makes it the perfect plinker for the female in your family just getting into Airsoft and BB gun sports. Priced economically to sell, this gun has a pink and black paint scheme that not only screams “feminine” it also screams, “Get Out Of My Way Buddy.”

Shooting is not just a man’s sport. If you think it is, just ask Julie Golkoski. She is the world’s most successful shooter. Just like your daughter, wife or girlfriend, Julie started her love for shooting as a hobby. With a ton of practice and skill, she turned it into a full time career. Starting with a lever action BB gun like the Daisy Pink 1998 BB gun is a great jumping off point for a timeless tradition that you ca share as a complete family.

Beretta 92 FS User Review

We love unsolicited user reviews that offer a realistic and honest view on the products we support and sell to clients all over the United States. This reviewer purchased the Beretta 92 FS from us, which currently retails for only $17.99. This airsoft gun has full Beretta trademarks on the grips & barrel that adds authenticity. It boasts a speed of 260 feet per second. This makes is a great side arm for those weekend outings or tactical exercises.

The zombie apocalypse is upon us!

Zombies are not your friend!

They are all the rage! Whether you enjoy the slow trudge of a George A. Romero zombie from Down of the Dead or you prerfer the super speed zombies from 28 Days Later, you are sure to love honing your airsoft shooting skills with these new zombie themed targets. These are not cheap paper targets. These targets leave a halo around each shot so you can quickly identify your kill shot.

As you prepare for the “real deal” that looms around the corner, Just remember, once you kill your zombies do not take refuge at your local mall. It never turns out to be a safe haven.

Small game hunting is right around the corner

Small game hunting is right around the corner

Hunting season is just around the corner and it’s time to start gearing up for the small game season. At Airgun Warehouse, we sell a full line of .22 caliber hunting rifles that are perfect for all of your small game hunting. For example, the Benjamin Trail NP with Realtree Stock boasts a speed of 950 feet per second. This is perfect for improved accuracy and quick kill. The Benjamin Trail NP XL Thumbhole with Hardwood Stock shoots at an incredible speed of 1100 feet per second. At a cost of only $299.99, it’s the perfect gun for novice and experienced hunters.