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Keep your Airsoft gun clean

Always keep your weapon clean

It’s true that Airsoft guns do not create the same level of corrosive buildup in the barrel as their rimfire counterparts but keeping your weapon clean is a vital part of gun ownership. C02 cartridges have a small amount of oil in them that can eventually gum up the inside of the barrel and reduce the efficiency and accuracy of your gun.

Teaching a younger enthusiast to properly and safely clean an Airsoft gun gets him ready to take care of a traditional rimfire weapon. You should treat a BB gun, Airsoft gun or paintball gun just as you would treat a rimfire gun because all weapons that shoot a projectile can become very dangerous of handled improperly, especially during the cleaning process. Airgun Warehouse has all of your airgun cleaning needs taken care of. A few minutes out of your day will go a long way with extending the life of your Airsoft weapon.

It’s official…burrrr!

It’s official, fall has arrived and if you happen to live on the East coast, it’s already getting cooler. The record low snowfall of last year might be a distant memory to most of the country by the new year so it’s time to get your winter gear on and hit the snowy woods for some tactical fun!

Along with Airsoft, many choose to paint the fresh snow a wide array of colors by going to war with paintball guns. Paintball guns are a great way to have fun with your tactical exercises. When your day is done will you be one of the lucky ones who escape without any paint smears on your tactical vest?

What could be better than defending your snow fortress from invaders focused on taking what belongs to you? If you have plans on defending the wilderness throughout the winter, make sure you keep yourself warm and safe

Must have items at Airgun Warehouse

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited our ever-expanding website, you should know that we’ve taken the time to add a section of must have items for every Airsoft enthusiast. These are categorized lists of items that are very popular with our customers. Items that have proven successful in improving accuracy and safety. If you know you want something but you’re not really sure what that something is, then book mark the link for our must haves and check back regularly. We will continually update it with the “best of the best” products that our customers love!

M16 or SKS: Which gun makes the best zombie killer

The world is all in a rage over the impending zombie apocalypse. Weeks ago we unleashed the Birchwood Casey zombie targets to rave reviews by our customers. We all know that plinking targets of your favorite zombie characters is a great way to pass the weekend but if the zombies do show up at your back door step, you will be in need of serious fire power if you are to make it to the mall (never go to the mall!)

Our brothers in arms at Red Jacket (hosts of the show “Sons of Guns” have developed two rifles designed to help you stay alive during the zombie apocalypse. Take a few minutes and check out the trailer for the Zombie episode aired on the Discovery Channel

Get the most of your sight

Proper sighting is very important for accuracy.

Most people interested in just about any hobby wants the latest, greatest and highest quality equipment so they can get the most out of his or her hobby. This is especially true for plinkers and tactical enthusiasts. For this reason, accessories such as optic sights are extremely popular pieces of equipment. Many weapons have built-in optical sights but if yours doesn’t, its a good bet that you can get an optional sight and mount it yourself.

A sight is only as good as it’s accuracy. Fortunately, even modestly priced optical sights offer excellent sighting capabilities but it’s very important to take the time to set your sight properly if you want to get the most out of your investment.

As an example, this exerpt was taken from How to Sight-In a Hunting Rifle By  Chuck Hawks:

“Start at the 25 yard position. Put up a large paper target. I usually use an NRA 100 yard small bore rifle target, which has a large black bulls-eye. Get really comfortable on the shooting bench, so that none of your muscles are cramped or in tension. Bring a pillow or a folded-up blanket to sit on (as required) to get your head and shoulders at a comfortable height at the bench rest.”

You can also take a lot of great tips directly from the manufacturer of your weapon. For example, one of your best selling brands; Daisy offers their customers a comprehensive guide to sighting in a scope on their website. A quick search of the website for your manufacturer will likely yield similar steps.

If you are a weekend plinker or you target practice regularly, you need to have an accurately sighted scope. otherwise you risk erratic shot patterns that could cost you big in any type of shooting competition.