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Merry Christmas from Airgun Warehouse Inc

Happy Holidays

We here at Airgun Warehouse hope that you find yourself in good spirits and surrounded by everyone that you love! We also hope that you found all of your Air gun and BB gun needs resting comfortably under the tree this morning! Have a happy and safe holiday season and spend twice as much time with the ones you love than the time you spend with what you got! You’ll find the season much more rewarding that way :)

Take the time this season!

Although the clip from this movie was originally filmed to be a funny interpretation of what happens when a child gets tired of a bully, in today’s world, the outcome is often far worse than a school yard fight. Year after year it seems like senseless things happen all over the world that could be avoided with a few kind words and a bit of understanding for everyone around us.

This time of year is always a good time to reflect on your good deeds and your not so good deeds of the last year. It’s a good time to resolve to be kinder. It’s a good time to listen to those around you and to take action when needed.

Take the time to hug, love and cherish your family members, as this is what the Christmas season is all about. Also, take the time to invite those that others might have overlooked into your holiday season and help them feel the joys that the holidays can bring.

We are all gun enthusiasts, even if your passion only extends to Airsoft and BB guns. We train our children to handle weapons with care and we train our children to understand the appropriate use of these weapons. Let’s make sure that we all use compassion and understanding as well as education and commitment to our hobbies as ways to preserve our passion for Airsoft, BB and firearms.

It came and it passed

It came, it went, let's not fret about it again!

Well, yesterday was the projected end of the world by the long extinct Mayan society.  We saw no zombie apocalypse, no meteorite impacts, no supernovas, no new Jersey Shore episodes… We are all still here, still waiting for Christmas to come. Hopefully by now you are all finished with your shopping and you can now start to enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family. Hopefully we can stop focusing on the yearly hype about the end of the world and enjoy living a little more than the previous year!

Since you survived yet another “End of the World” insanity, grab your Air Gun or BB gun and go out for a little target practice! Take a friend of relative that might be new to the sport with you! You’ll find the experience a lot more enjoyable than a zombie apocalypse!

Just six shipping days left

Ralphie with his Red Ryder BB Gun

We have just six shipping days left before Christmas 2011 arrives. Don’t rely on Santa to load up your Christmas tree with pellets, Co2 cartridges, tactical gear or anything else you are wishing for this holiday season. Let Airgun Warehouse be your secrete Santa. We have everything you could possibly want to complete your Airsoft or BB gun collection. Place your order now to make sure everyone is happy this Christmas morning!

Walther CP99 Compact


On Sale now, just in time for Christmas! At just $69.99, the Walther CP99 Compact pistol is an excellent side arm for anyone trying to complete their tactical attire. Walther has been a leader in the rimfire handgun industry for decades but recently, the company has risen to the top of the Airsoft industry by releasing accurate reproductions of their legendary weapons. The Walther CP99 utilizes a .0177″ pellet capable of reaching speeds of 345 feet per second. This semi-automatic blowback style pistol boasts a 17 round clip and ergonomic grip design to eliminate fatigue on your hand. Hurry up and order before this great sale ends!