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How to choose an Airgun

On one of our recent visits to Youtube we came across a video series that discusses in depth the best way to choose an air gun for your needs. We know that you research, drool, pine-over and hunt for the best air gun on the market but the best, most expensive gun just might not be the best weapon for you. Taking a few minutes to watch this multi-part series will help you make better decisions when you place your next Airgun Warehouse order.

Monthly Showcase: Winchester Model 11 BB gun

Winchester Model 11 BB Pistol

When you think of a rifle, one of the first brands that will come to mind is Winchester. After all, Winchester Repeating Arms has been around in one form or another since the mid 1800s. However, its relatively short timeframe in the air gun world means this relative newcomer to the market has yet to establish itself as a powerhouse.

Winchester believes it will go a long way in capturing market share with the Winchester Model 11 BB gun. This gun is a semi-auto. It uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge15rd, has a removable BB mag. The single-action and double-action slide stays open after the last BB is shot. This lets you know that the mag is empty. The weapon has realistic blowback Manual. And for less than $90.00, it’s constructed of metal!