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Take ‘em out with a grenade launcher!

ECHO 1 Short M203 Airsoft Grenade Launcher

Everyone who loves to participate in Airsoft tactical exercises wishes they could unleash hell upon their enemies. This is why we buy the biggest tactical weapons we can buy. This is why we spend countless hours strategizing with our cohorts. This is why we invest in a grenade launcher…Yes, I just said grenade launcher! Airgun Warehouse has you hooked up with the best grenade launchers, Airsoft grenades and grenade shells. What better way to shock your advisories to their core than with a blast from your Airsoft grenade launcher.

USAirsoft Expo 2013


Crazy Prototypes you might find

f you live in or aropund the Monroeville Pa, area and you are a diehard military or Airsoft fan you owe it to yourself to check out the USAirsoft expo between June 8th and 9th. This event will host several manufacturers, retailers and exhibitors within the Airsoft community. This two day event has everything you could want, such as military reenactment groups, military figurines and of course, everything Airsoft. This event goes back to 2002 so you can rest assured that taking the time to go to this event will not disappoint you.

Shooting blanks?

Voltran Ekol UZI

There are many reasons why someone might need a gun that shoots blanks. For example, if you are a theater major, you might have use for a realistic weapon that you can safely fire on stage. This also goes for reenactments where period correct weaponry is just as important as safety is. At Airgun Warehouse, we offer several models that shoot gun powder charged blanks such as the Voltran Skol UZI. For more traditional pistols we also offer Smith & Wesson replicas.

From the mouths of children

We love unsolicited reviews but when they come from youngsters and when that youngster takes the time to show us his collection of Airsoft guns purchased from Airgun Warehouse we are delighted! Delighted enough to feature his review of our company on the blog. Thank you so much Super Rich Green!

Monthly Showcase: CROSMAN 357W

For this month’s Showcase, we have selected the Crosman 357W revolver and we have decided to let Hobby Jon provide the review for us! After all, he has an emotional attachment to this Crosman!