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New payment options with Airgun Warehouse

Airgun Warehouse and PayPal have teamed up to offer the ability to get more and pay later! With “Bill Me Later” you can take up to six month to pay for your Airgun Warehouse purchase without incurring any interest charges. This means you can shop for all your springtime and summertime airgun, BB gun and accessory needs and not have to worry about paying until this fall! What are you waiting for, check out our New Products page and get to shopping!

Night vision can help you win

Night Vision Binoculars/Goggles S7

With the release of 0 Dark 30 on DVD the world gets to see more about the last day of Osama Bin Laden. Given that the mission to apprehend him took place at night, it’s only natural that this event would raise the curiosity of Airsoft enthusiasts everywhere. Airsoft tactical games are great during the day but tactical mission exercises with your buddies at night- well, that takes things to a whole different level!

If you plan to engage in a few skirmishes at night time, trying to protect your fort, you need the assistance of night vision. At Airgun Warehouse, we sell night vision equipment that ranges from the basic, such as the Firefield Nightfall 4×50 Night Vision Monocular, to the extreme, such as the Night Vision Binoculars/Goggles S7. All of our equipment can assist you in locating your target!

Walther LGV Competition Ultra Air Rifle

If you want a serious contender against traditional rimfire rifles check out the Walther LGV Competition Ultra Air Rifle. This air-powered .22 caliber rifle is suitable for small game hunting as well as competition shooting. Si and Davey of Varmint Hunter TV posted a 20 minute review of this rifle for your viewing pleasure. Check out the video and then place your order through Airgun Warehouse! The rifle boasts a spring piston, breakbarrel, single-shot fixed TruGlo fiber optic front sight, fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight and vibration-reduction technology.

Clear Airsoft pistols and rifles

Aftermath Mini Steyr Mini Submachine Gun

Every state within the United States requires clear identifiers that separate Airsoft weapons from their rimfire counterparts. As real as we want our Airsoft guns to look, it is important that anyone in law enforcement know the difference: for their safety and for yours. For this reason, All legal Airsoft weapons have an orange tipped barrel. If you re a parent, safety is always a determining factor in everything you let your child do.

Many Airsoft gun manufacturers go out of their way to make their weapons look authentic to the originals. If this is a turn-off for you it is important to know that you have alternatives. A good alternative to authentic replicas are clear Airsoft guns. These Airsoft guns are made from see-through plastic that easily identifies them apart from real guns. This minimizes the risk of law enforcement thinking the weapon presents a danger. For most children and teens, this is a great way to get them involved in the sport while maintaining safety. At Airgun Warehouse, we carry a full line of clear Airsoft guns.

where to go, where to go?

Have Fun!

Do you have an Airsoft field in your community? For many people, the answer is “YES!” even if you don’t know it. There are countless forums online these days and the Arsoft community doesn’t lack in its share. However, while traveling the Interwebs looking for ways to survive the next zombie apocalypse, I came across a list of Airsoft fields categorized by state. Yes, yes, the list is older but in most cases, the links provided are still working links. This is a great way to get started if you want to hook up with a local field for Airsoft wars.