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Secure your weapon!

Trigger lock

Trigger lock

Although airsoft guns pose little danger to people in the right hands, in the wrong hands, the hands of an untrained child, an airsoft gun can pose a threat to everyone. Just as you would lock the trigger on any rimfire weapon, you should also lock the trigger on your airsoft weapons. This keeps everyone that might come in contact with the weapon safe. Trigger locks are quick to install and quick to remove. We would all hate to be responsible for a little one getting hurt while attending a skirmish becuase we left the weapon loaded and unattended. for just a second. Do you part: when you purchase a new airsoft weapon, take the time to order a trigger lock. You will find that the small cost to purchase a lock is worth the sense of security you provide to others around you.

Protect your gear with Zombie soft

Zombie Soft Tactical Rifle Case

It’s important to keep your airsoft weapons in proper working condition at all times. If you do not take care of your equipment you increase the chance of failure in the field. Hard shell cases work well with highly priced airsoft guns but are quite expensive and may not represent the best value for lesser priced rifles or pistols. Enter the Zombie Soft tactical rifle case designed to look like early era coffins. These cases represent a great value and adequate protection for just about every tactical rifle. Made of black nylon with heavy green colored stitching, these cases will have your advisories quaking in their boots before you even unveil your rifle.

Are you ready for Z day?

Z day, or “zombie day” is the futuristic day where zombies come back to hunt humans. We have been so accustomed to being at the top of the food chain that the idea of being the hunted intrigues some people. This might explain why zombies have become so ingrained in our imaginations.

Well, if you are tired of military style tactical skirmishes, take your games to the next level. Recruit a few zombies and start your own zombie skirmishes. A few searches on the web will give you plenty of ideas on how to do this. For example, check out this video from the Reading Mall Zombie day:

CenterPoint ActionCAM

CenterPoint ActionCAM Video Camcorder

Have you ever wished that you could find an easy way to record your tactical maneuvers or skirmishes from a POV (point of view) position? Well now Airgun Warehouse has an easy economical way for you to attach a video recorder to your Airgun. With the CenterPoint ActionCAM Video Camcorder you can easiy record up to three hours of video and then transfer that video to your computer or Mac via a supplied USB cable. This allows you to use your own editing software to edit the video. How you can have 720X480 video proof that you shot three of your friends while capturing the flag!

How fast can you reload?

Classic Army High-Capacity Waffle Airsoft Rifle Magazines

If you enjoy weekends of skirmishes and tactical exercises you understand the importance of quick reloads. In many cases, the magazine for your airsoft gun holds several hundred rounds. However, it can take a matter of minutes to unload your magazine. If you fail to reload quickly, it could result in your capture or elimination from the skirmish. Fortunately, Airgun Warehouse has your back! We offer 10 pack magazines and 6 pack magazines for many models so you can go to your event with multiple pre-loaded magazines. This allows you to stay in the game much longer without reloading.

Purchasing multiple magazines does require an investment. If you’d rather keep costs down, you can purchase speed loaders. We offer a Crosman Airsoft BB Speedloader two pack for less than $10.00. This gives you 180 pellets that you can load in a matter of seconds with just about any magazine. This is not quite as quick as popping out an empty magazine and loading a new one but it could be the difference between you and your competitors.