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Increase Your Accuracy With a Bi-Pod

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, SWAT/Combat Profile, Telescoping & Folding Legs

At Airgun Warehouse we take the time to think out every detail that could help you improve your game. When it comes to discussions of accuracy, a bi-pod is an excellent way to improve your target hitting. A bi-pod has two legs and a mount that connects to your rifle. The bi-pod helps to keep your rifle still and balanced while you shoot. This is excellent when you are sighting in your gun or adjusting a new scope. It also works well at clubs where you can utilize bi-pods during competitions. Many of the bi-pods that we keep in stock are universal and will work with just about any airsoft rifle.

Monthly Showcase: Umarex Zombie Hunter Airsoft Blaster AEG Rifle

Umarex Zombie Hunter Airsoft Blaster AEG Rifle

Who doesn’t love zombies? WE DON”T!! And we intend to do everything we can to rid the world of these smelly little buggers. We would love to introduce the Umarex Zombie Hunter Airsoft AEG rifle. With it’s neon green and black  shell, you are sure to capture the attention of every sloth like zombie around. Once you pull their attention you can give them 200 rounds of 6 millimeter love instead of your somewhat spicy but tasty brain. With it’s AEG design you can can kill zombies all day long before retreating back to the local mall for a recharge. With a built-in Quad Weaver/Picatinny rail you can attach accessories such as a flashlight for shooting at night.

We are interested

As always, we at Airgun Warehouse are interested in what our customers want to see on our site. We value feedback and work hard to implement changes that will make our customer’s experience the best on the Internet.  If you choose, let us know via this blog what brands and/or products you’d love to see airgun Warehouse offer. For exmaple, did you see a one ton Airsot cannon for sale at a trade show and you’d love to get your hands on it?

You never know, you just might be responsible for helping us provide the country with the next undiscovered brand! If you would like to help out, just reply to this blog post with your suggestions and we will see what we can do to help out