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Since 2004 Airgun Warehouse has been a leader in online Airsoft and BB gun sales. We offer the widest selection of air rifles and air pistols for every type of gun enthusiast. We carry Co2, pump action,spring action and Green Gas powered weapons. We carry a wide range or BB guns such as the classic Daisy Red Ryder rifle kit and the Walther Nighthawk. Weather you enjoy tactical exercises or you simply like to spend the day plinking, we have the gun of your dreams.

We also carry a wide range of ammunition, including the large .50 caliber pellets. From Airsoft rubber pellets to metal BB pellets, we have them all for you, in stock and ready to ship! When ordering ammunition, it’s a good time to look at our huge selection of accessories. We sell everything from replacement clips to tactical safety gear.

At Airgun Warehouse, we always strive to provide you, the customer with the best online experience possible. To deliver on this mission, we will routinely update the Airgun Warehouse blog with promotional information, specials and informative information that will make your Airsoft and BB gun experiences even more fun than usual!


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  1. Faryal says:

    Review by Synchronizor for Rating: This gun is very nice for a mini electric. With the expoeticn of the purely cosmetic clip near the rear of the stock that can get in the way of optimum arm placement in some conditions, the ergonomics are excellent. The handle will fit comfortably into large and small hands alike. Unfortunately, the position of the slide-down safety on the left side of the gun makes it impractical to use in the left hand, this gun is designed to be fired by the right hand, sorry southpaws. Its light weight makes it easy to use with one hand and the flip-down handle on the front and the bullpup design allow the wielder to steady it against the shoulder and with both hands when necessary. The false scope magazine will actually hold 160-170 rounds, and features a small set of open sights on top. However, when the gun is held to the shoulder, these sights are too close to easily focus on, so the user is forced to simply sight along the top of the scope. In order to use the sights, the user must hold the gun out in front of them. Since this gun uses a hopper instead of a spring-loaded clip, there is no guarantee that this gun will fire a BB every time it cycles, especially as the hopper empties and the BBs have more room to bounce around. Also, the feed system works best when the gun is level, DO NOT rely on this gun when an inclined shot is desired. This gun will fire approximately 200-250 rounds per minute, depending on how well the BBs feed. This gun makes a good starter gun for beginners, but in advanced matches, it is advisable to keep this weapon in reserve, using it to lay down large quantities of suppressive fire against close-range opponents. The gun’s small size is well suited to carrying in a field pack, or a strap can be secured around the narrower portion of the stock to facilitate belt or shoulder hanging. Additionally, this gun has excellent battery life, and is not picky when it comes to BB quality; in the rare event of a jam, the gun can be easily cleared by simply continuing to fire, the gun will clear its barrel within a second or two. I have never had to stop firing and manually clear the barrel. Finally, the scope hopper has ridges on the sides that can be used to mount certain accessories.In a nutshell (so to speak):PROS:-Light-Comfortable-Durable-Good battery life-Good ammunition capacity-Easy to load-Accessory rail-Small-Not picky; will use cheap BBs with minimal jams-Clears jams automatically-Flip-down handle and bullpup stock makes gun easy to steadyCONS:-Only fires reliably when level-Mock clip in back can get in the way occasionally-Not ambidextrous-Sights are small, and not very effective-Will not always fire every cycle-Relatively low power-Relatively short effective range

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