Monthly Showcase:Cometa Lynx V10 PCP Air Rifle

If you are looking for that last minute “wow” gift or you simply want to teat yourself to an early present this year, look no further than the Cometa Lynx V10 PCP Air Rifle. We offer this weapon in multiple colors such as black, blue and brown. We also offer it in different calibers, such as .177 and .22.

If you’re frustrated with air rifles that have nothing but power, then try the Cometa Lynx V10 Air Rifle. It’s got power and knows how to put pellet after pellet in the 10-ring.With the huge air tank on your Lynx V10 PCP rifle, you’ll get lots of shots before needing a refill. Add to that the 13rd mag that gives you fast follow-up shots, and you’re good to go for a full day of hunting, shooting spinners and more.

Check out this quick review we located online. It describes the features of this excellent gun.

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