It came and it passed

It came, it went, let's not fret about it again!

Well, yesterday was the projected end of the world by the long extinct Mayan society.  We saw no zombie apocalypse, no meteorite impacts, no supernovas, no new Jersey Shore episodes… We are all still here, still waiting for Christmas to come. Hopefully by now you are all finished with your shopping and you can now start to enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family. Hopefully we can stop focusing on the yearly hype about the end of the world and enjoy living a little more than the previous year!

Since you survived yet another “End of the World” insanity, grab your Air Gun or BB gun and go out for a little target practice! Take a friend of relative that might be new to the sport with you! You’ll find the experience a lot more enjoyable than a zombie apocalypse!

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