Will impending legislation affect Airsoft Guns?

Cometa Indian Air Pistol

It is very common to find Airsoft guns that closely resemble their rimfire or gun powder counterparts. For this reason, most, if not all states already maintain laws regarding the manufacture, power, caliber size and sale of Airsoft weapons. At this point, we all understand that the current administration wants to tighten restrictions on guns in our country. Regardless of your position on this hotly debated topic, we all must understand that this is a serious issue that will ultimately work its daw down the line and could potentially affect your ability to enjoy Airsoft and BB gun.

I recently came across this article on Find Law.com regarding the legal issues surrounding Airsoft guns. What I found most important in this article was one sentence at the bottom. In essence, it states that we must treat all Airsoft guns as though they are weapons capable of hurting someone. All guns, regardless of their capabilities should be treated as though they are dangerous. This means, you should educate youngsters on proper gun safety from an early age. You must always treat these guns with the respect they deserve. This is the one of the most important ways to preserve our great hobby.

If you want more information on this topic, check out our Store Information page. In addition, you can check your local and state laws to ensure you are doing everything required to use your Airsoft gun within regulation.

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