What is Plinking

Birchwood Casey Gallery Resetting Airgun Target

One question we often get from newcomers to the sport of Airsoft is, “What’s plinking?” Well, there is an easy answer to this great question. Plinking is the term used for shooting at small paper targets. Plinking most likely originated during the great depression where children, armed with a cheap .22 rimfire rifle would shoot at tin cans set up along a fence. The term “plinking” comes from the sound of the bullet hitting the tin can.

Shortly after Airsoft rifles and pistols came to prominence, plinkers quickly transitioned to pellets and BB’s for their plinking needs. Today, you can find a wide array of paper targets designed for plinking. You can also find targets such as the Birchwood Casey Gallery Resetting Airgun Target or the  Gamo Squirrel Field Target with four Kill-Zone Reducers. These targets are reusable and add an element of difficulty not found with traditional paper targets.

There are numerous ways to score a round of plinking. If the goal is to simply “plink” a target, you get a set number of points for each hit. For example, if you are shooting at tin cans, you get 5 points for hitting the tin can or ten points of you knock the tin can off it’s perch. If you are shooting at a paper target, you get points in graduation depending on the proximity of the hit to the bulls eye. You can literally make up your own rules as you develop your own plinking game.

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