Review: Gameface GF76 AEG Airsoft Rifle

At Airgun Warehouse, we love when we come across a view that not only reviews a product we proudly sell, such a the Gameface GF76 AEG Airsoft Rifle but that also shows enthusiastic youths and their parents enjoying the sport of Airsoft. In this short viewo review, you will see a young man and his father both eagerly waiting to shoot their new Airsoft gun!

The rifle features full and semi-automatic action. It also boasts ¬†a high capacity magazine with an adjustable hop-up system that’s ideal for airsoft tactical¬†exercises. You get it with a rechargeable NiMH battery a UL charger and a retractable/fold-under stock. It also has tri-rail mounting system and generates muzzle velocities of up to 375 fps. Oh, did we also tell you that this is a full metal weapon!

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