How fast can you reload?

Classic Army High-Capacity Waffle Airsoft Rifle Magazines

If you enjoy weekends of skirmishes and tactical exercises you understand the importance of quick reloads. In many cases, the magazine for your airsoft gun holds several hundred rounds. However, it can take a matter of minutes to unload your magazine. If you fail to reload quickly, it could result in your capture or elimination from the skirmish. Fortunately, Airgun Warehouse has your back! We offer 10 pack magazines and 6 pack magazines for many models so you can go to your event with multiple pre-loaded magazines. This allows you to stay in the game much longer without reloading.

Purchasing multiple magazines does require an investment. If you’d rather keep costs down, you can purchase speed loaders. We offer a Crosman Airsoft BB Speedloader two pack for less than $10.00. This gives you 180 pellets that you can load in a matter of seconds with just about any magazine. This is not quite as quick as popping out an empty magazine and loading a new one but it could be the difference between you and your competitors.

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