MTM Case-Gard Handgun Carry Case

MTM Case-Gard Handgun Carry Case

In the eyes of the law, most states regulate air pistols as if they were rimfire pistols. After all, in an emergency situation, law enforcement can have a difficult time telling a rimfire and air pistol apart. For this reason, it’s important to practice safety and commonsense when using air pistols. For example, all states have laws that tell a gun owner how they can transport a pistol. When moving a pistol from one location to the next in a car, most states require the ammunition to be in a separate location than the pistol itself. For example, pistol in the trunk and ammo in the glove box. However, if you have everything in a locked box in the trunk, you are typically okay. The MTM Case-Guard Handgun Carry Case is an excellent way to transport your air pistols and ammunition. It’s a lockable case that increases safety for you and also helps increase security if you secure the case to the floor of your trunk. It makes it harder for a would-be thief to take off with your weapons.


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