Cosplay and Airsoft Guns?

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If you watch any television you know that reality tv is about the only programming you can find. Over the years we’ve seen just about everything. Well now we’ve hitched our flag to a sub culture called Cosplay. This is short for costume play. In a sense it could be thought of as similar to WWII or even Civil War reenactments except these folks don’t simply stick to war related themes. Anything you can dress up as, Cosplay people will do it.

Why does this topic belong on an airgun blog? Well, these Cosplay folks host conventions and several other types of events and if you are into military reenactments, you might want to round up your most authentic looking costume, grab your airsoft rifle and head down to your local Cosplay convention…presuming your local authorities allow you to take airsoft out into public without getting into trouble.


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