The Umarex Steel Storm

The Umarex Steel Storm will make Swiss cheese out of any pop can. Umarex once again brings us an ultimate bb that can unleash a six round burst or single shot of over 430 FPS. This rugged tactical sub machine gun, although wicked on its own, is ready for tricking out with multiple accessories like laser sighting and swat style flash light. The blow back action gives the best in real play and is hard to compare at this smoking hot deal.

We had to have physical evidence to prove the brawns behind the Steel Storm so we found Ramblin Around TV to prove its power. This off the chart video put it to the test cleaning up a small stack of cans in seconds – leaving nothing behind. Not only does this six round burst lay down the law with rapid fire but the accuracy is like no other. As you will see they had no problem emptying the 300 round internal hopper into clay targets effortlessly. Ramblin Around mentioned they used copper coated steel bb’s and from the distance they were standing away from the target, proves the power this baby puts out. Looks like these boys had some fun and our guess is they ended up making several trips to the corner store for more pop cans.

This holiday you better get a larger stocking or trade in your coal for this bad boy. Santa’s elves are armed with the Steel Storm defending Mrs. Clause’s ginger bread from those zombie rodents.

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