AirSoft Game Ideas for Spring 2014

The last vestiges of winter are drifting away, and the pleasant warmth of springtime is finally setting. After what was, in many parts of the country, a punishing and severe winter, there is nothing that most of us want to do more right now than get outside. And what better way to spend your outdoor hours this spring than by getting together a few friends and playing a high-octane airsoft game?

If airsoft activities are your speed around this time of year, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite airsoft games out there – both traditional standbys and new experiments. Enjoy!

Team Death Match

An oldie but a goodie, Team Death Match (or, as it is referred to among airsoft die-hards, TDM) is the airsoft game that we’ve all played and enjoyed. A big part of the appeal of TDM is that you never need to overthink it: Simply find an area with some cover, be it a paintball yard or a backyard forest, split your group into two teams, and start battling it out. Play until all of the members from one team have been eliminated.

Alternatively, break up into three or four groups and let the chaos and complications rain down. TDM may be the most “generic” of airsoft games, but it also never stops being fun.

Capture the Flag

If TDM has gotten old for you, add the structure of Capture the Flag (CTF) into the equation for some additional excitement. The rules can essentially be the same as the CTF games you played as a kid: two teams, two hidden flags, team territories, and jails. If a player is tagged by an opponent while on their side of the territory, they are taken to jail. The goal, of course, is to retrieve the flag and get it back to your side without being tagged.

The twist? With airsoft capture the flag, “tagging” is done by shooting. With players running, using cover, and dodging opponents, CTF brings marksmanship challenges and exercise together for a thrilling airsoft activity.


There are various versions of the “Assassination” game in the airsoft world, but they all use the same basic rules. One person is chosen as the VIP (sometimes called “the President”) and left unarmed for the duration of the game. Several other players are selected as the VIP’s bodyguards who must then escort the VIP to a preset “safe house” location. Other players (or often, just one player with a sniper rifle) are chosen as assassins and given the task of “killing” the VIP. Players choose different guidelines for how many shots the bodyguards are allowed to take and whether or not they can “respawn,” but the fun part of this game is being the assassin and using stealth and creativity to hit your target. It’s also fun to be the bodyguards and to have no idea where a threat might appear from.

These are just a few of the airsoft games and scenarios that you can put into action this spring. Alternatively, make up your own scenarios. Sometimes the best game ideas come from a player who is just making things up on a whim, so don’t be shy about proposing new game ideas to your buddies when you are out in the field trying to choose a fun airsoft game.

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