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Crosman Vigilante CO2 Revolver

Everyone knows that you can use plastic pellet air guns for skirmishes and for plinking. You can use BB guns for plinking and for small game hunting. What other creative uses do you use your airguns for. For an example, do you buy replica guns and display them as though you have an extensive military collection. Do you use them for accurate reenactments of historic battles such as those that took place during WWII. We are interested in hearing details of your legal and ethical airgun excursions that fall outside of the norm.

Gear Bags: The Easy Way To Carry

Aftermath SOCOM Zip Bag

As collectors of airgun and BB gun weaponry, we often amass a large collection of gear. Most of which, we feel compelled to carry with us on every outing. Often our trunks look like we are ready to move forward with an arms trade for hostages! If you are plagued by the dilemma of what airgun you should take to the range, pick up a gear bag from Airgun Warehouse and take everything! We offer several different types of bags ranging from large duffle style to tactical style that will surely fit everyone’s needs. Given the relatively low price of our gear bags, they are a must have item to keep all of your items stored together for easy transport.

Monthly Showcase: Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

Check out this video about the Benjamin Marauder Air rifle that we have posted on our website. Jim Chapman of Benjamin takes this bad boy out for a spin and shows you all how it’s done. This is an excellent air rifle for the money and will serve you well for years.

MTM Case-Gard Handgun Carry Case

MTM Case-Gard Handgun Carry Case

In the eyes of the law, most states regulate air pistols as if they were rimfire pistols. After all, in an emergency situation, law enforcement can have a difficult time telling a rimfire and air pistol apart. For this reason, it’s important to practice safety and commonsense when using air pistols. For example, all states have laws that tell a gun owner how they can transport a pistol. When moving a pistol from one location to the next in a car, most states require the ammunition to be in a separate location than the pistol itself. For example, pistol in the trunk and ammo in the glove box. However, if you have everything in a locked box in the trunk, you are typically okay. The MTM Case-Guard Handgun Carry Case is an excellent way to transport your air pistols and ammunition. It’s a lockable case that increases safety for you and also helps increase security if you secure the case to the floor of your trunk. It makes it harder for a would-be thief to take off with your weapons.

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Air Venturi Pro CQBBs 6mm Biodegradable Airsoft BBs, 0.12g, 10,800 Rds

The two most common caliber sizes for BB guns are .177 and .22. At airgun Warehouse, we carry one of the largest selection of these two calibers. For example, you can get a 500 count of Beeman .177 caliber pellets for under $5.00. We offer packages ranging from small 150 count to counts exceeding 1,000 pellets. We also offer a 500 count of Benjamin Discovery .22 caliber pellets for under $5.00 as well. Like their .177 counterparts, you can get them in a wide range of count sizes to fit all of your needs.

We also carry one of the web’s largest selection of plastic airsoft pellets in sizes ranging from 6 mm on up. If you need it, we have it! A great time to buy is when you purchase a new gun. This helps you save on the cost of shipping and reduces the cost per pellet.