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Monthly Showcase: Daisy Pink 1998 BB Gun

Daisy Pink 1998 BB Gun Holds 650 BBs

It is no uncommon for little girls to follow their dads around like they are rockstars. This goes for dads who are into shooting. What better way to get your daughter interested in shooting than to present her with her own Daisy 1998 BB gun: IN PINK! Yes, most little girls have a soft sport for the color pink so what better way to attract them to the world of target shooting. With dad’s supervision, this rifle is great for girls 10 years or older. Like most Daisy products, this is a lever action pump gun that shoots a .177 caliber pellet at 350 feet per second.

We love ingenuity- building Airsoft cannons

At Airgun Warehouse we love to see people think outside the box. Genuine Airsoft cannons are far and few between so when a couple of guys get together and figure out a way to make on on their own, we stand up and salute their American ingenuity. STARTAirsoft780, a Youtube user posted the below video claiming they built an Airsoft cannon for around $20.00. As always, even Airsoft can become dangerous especially when building your own equipment. We never want anyone to get hurt. It’s important to understand that these guys have understanding on how compressed air works and they followed precautions to make sure everyone was safe. If you do not have the aptitude to do this, leave it up to someone who does.

Difference between Airsoft and Air Guns

Thank you to Weaponsandstuff93 for this educational video between the difference between airsoft and air rifles. This is a great primer for those who are new to the sport or for someone who is simply confused on the terminology.

C21 and C31 Crosman Pistol Recall

Crossman C31 pistol

Reprinted from the Crosman Website. If you have purchased one of these pistols please return it to Crosman. Never use a pistol that has been recalled even if your pistol seems to function properly. This could cause injury to you or to others around you. Please read below to see if your C21 or C31 Crosman pistol is affected by this issue.

Safety Notice to Consumers – June 2013

Crosman Corporation has recently discovered a potential safety problem with the Crosman C31 and C21 Air Pistols with serial numbers beginning with 12J, 12K, 12L, 12M, 13A 13B, or 13C. We believe the plastic frame (body) of some of the air pistols may fracture, propelling pieces of plastic through the air, when the pistol is exposed to extreme heat (150 degrees Fahrenheit) with a live and pierced CO2 cartridge in the pistol. If that were to occur, there could be a risk of serious personal injury, particularly to the eye.

Therefore, if your Crosman C31 or C21 Air Pistol has a serial number beginning with 12J, 12K, 12L, 12M, 13A, 13B or 13C, please remove any CO2 cartridge from your pistol and stop using the pistol. Please complete the form below and submit it to begin the return process. You will have the opportunity to pick a replacement product. This exchange will be done at no charge to you.

Please note:
The serial number is located on the left hand side of the slide toward the muzzle of the air pistol.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Airgun Warehouse multiple brands of pistols and rifles best suited for target practicing. We sell a slew of ammo designed for airguns an we even sell targets for airguns. We can equip you with the state of the art equipment needed to set you up for success but in the end- we cannot make you an expert shooter. However, with a little work and a lot of technique, you can improve your shooting skills. You can often locate online resources such as this article by American Rifleman and adapt the technique to airgun shooting or you can browse Youtube and review videos such as this one:

Regardless of the targets you shoot or the methods you employ to improve accuracy, the important part is to remain consistent with your techniques and you’ll be on your way to improving your shooting technique.